The Goal Of Education Is The Advancement Of Knowledge

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The Goal Of Education Is The Advancement Of Knowledge

Get Back To The Basics With The Connect To Nature Program

Join the The Shyan Selah Foundation to make the world a better place

The Connect to Nature program will facilitate cultivating mentorship and life skills for young people of color and provide an environment where such programming can take place in a natural or outdoor setting. Our partnership with the Department of Natural Resources will also help the foundation to provide workshops, field trips, and other events that support the goal of improving the overall health and life-skills of youth and young adults interested in nature, environmental health and studies, wildlife, and outdoor recreation - all free of charge to qualifying participants. 

Shyan Selah, CEO

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

This school year, The Shyan Selah Foundation is excited to work with key partners in South King County to educate and inspire youth in various outdoor settings, as well as provide ongoing training in gardening, landscaping and other skills- related
job positions throughout the school year. Activities will include extended field trips designed to educate participants about the natural environment such as nature retreats at Camp Waskowitz, outings to Mt. Rainier, hikes through Dash Point State Park, and numerous other outside activities at various parks throughout Western Washington.

Love Nature, Save Nature, And Stay Close To Nature

The Connect to Nature Program will both get back to basics as well as help set up
participants for the future. Activities will include after-school programs twice a week as well as weekend activities designed to forge community interaction and practical education in the outdoors.

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Thanks to our partnership with the Department of Natural Resources, this program is FREE for this year’s participants.

July 2024

Here are some upcoming events.

Why Connect to Nature ?

“I have a very deep excitement about this particular program,” says organization founder, Shyan Selah. “It’s the kind of thing that can fundamentally change the mindset and personal attitude of any individual from any background. As a young African American male, I was fortunate to be able to not only participate in sports and arts as a youth, but probably the single most underrated experience I had as a youth was being introduced to the natural environment